Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go Mike!!!!!!!!

I was so happy about the big win of Mike Matusow on this week episode of HSP. I was rooting so bad for him.

Even happier I became because his big wins came from Daniel Negreanu. Who can forget the unbearable scene this guy made in season 2 paying mike to stay in the table when we was tired, and pure mike took it, showing a lot of heart even though he knew we was a big dog playing that many hours and tired like he was. The worst came after, seeing Daniel grabbing himself after busted Mike.

On this season some players of the table, only open their mouth to criticize the away Mike is playing, DN being the worst one.

I know why they to do this. They hope Mike can’t take the verbal pressure, and start to make bad plays. Maybe this all part of the game, but is not nice to see nevertheless. And maybe those critic players can’t beat this game and they need to use those underground moves. You embarrass yourself with those tactics DN.

Mike is a pure guy that is not afraid to be what he is, and he is an inspiration for all of us, genuine lovers of this game.

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