Monday, April 19, 2010

Compilation of the best insights from Phil Galfond in the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge.

1) Galfond: You have to remain unpredictable, against good opponents, that is one of the keys of sucess.

Commentator: But there isn't a fine line between being unpredictable, and making bad plays?

G: There are a common term in the poker world, that is FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome), is when you get a little carried away being tricky and start to making plays that kinda cross the line, and they are just bad.

2) C: What are some of the consequences of playing tired?

- Being kinda of lazy, making loose calls, especialy on early streets.

- Not bluffing in spots where you should be bluffing.

- Not taking creative lines.

3) G: Try to emulate Tom's style ruin people's games, because he always has good reason for the unorthodox plays he makes, if you try to copy without thinking very hard about it, you just can get in a lot of trouble.

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