Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reviewing the early steps from a portuguese poker pro


I firmly believe that this is one of the great strengths of the best poker players and something totally indispensable who want to be.

I'm talking about the balance of feelings arising from this game and how they influence our well being.

Being overly optimistic and positive after a good victory is as bad as being too pessimistic and negative after a defeat, I believe that we should face a victoria (very good session, a victory mtt) as a result of a positive variance that we suffer a defeat as well as a negative result of the variance, I think that a large variance of ego can be very harmful to the player so that you can not face reality as it really is.

Obvious that I feel more happy  when I win than when I lose, but the distance between these sensations should be shortened as much as possible, so that one feels to play at the next session calm and aware of the fact that you have and how to improve.

Obviously I am not advocating that one should not feel good and happy with ourselves, but this state should be natural, unaffected by short sessions, the happiness we could have bought something that satisfies us with money from the poker, because our bankrool allowed ourselves to do it, etc ...

After my first tournament win, the next ones I did not play it professionally, not being with great attention and playing very casually

My ego was totally inflamed, never thinking it would lose through their own fault, (after all how the great champion could lose??) I lost almost all my bankroll  ...

What happened to me (and unfortunately happen again later) was an increase of ego for which I was not prepared psychological, a huge change in my feelings that made me feel good and confident . I see this happen enough times to other people, with sudden variances in the state of mind and believe as things go well or badly, and many times it's just variance

You will not always win even if you are playing at your best and sometimes you will win by a lot of mistakes, so there is no reason for drama or joy.

Today I am much stronger in this respect, dealing very well with the two situations and working to improve Whether I am up or down, my ego does not have large variances and generally do not feel no better or worse after a win or a lose (a bit, but not very relevant).

I think we should not feel happy or shaken with situations that happen to us, because I think that people will make us much more apt to face the reality of each day. I think there's good and bad variance in life and we should stay semi-neutral so that this does not shake us too much.


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