Sunday, August 28, 2011

Analysis of the Party Poker Big Game V - Episode 1

Episode 1 - click here

Hand 1:

Sam Trickett leads to collect dead equity and to get value of a 5 or a 4 against their loose opponents, and continues on the turn with a merge bet against one of the most tight players on the table.

Hand 2:

Sam Trickett 3 bets for value IP with KJs because he knows that his opponent don't fold to often.

He made a standard cbet in a dry board, and double barrels when caught more equity. Viffer calls the flop and the turn with what is sometimes the best hand against a bluffing 3betting range.

On the river Trickett opted for a overbet polarizing his range hoping to get called with even a bigger frequency.
Hand 3:
Tilly leads the flop on the draw because she doesn't want to play it on c/c oop.

On the turn she represents the flush (necessary condition when you playing straight draws), and taking in consideration the agressive nature of op.

Hand 4:

Trickett river big overshove is meant to fold TP and worst type hands, I guess in Trickett mind Fitoussi had close to 0% of slowplay monsters on the turn.

It is always beautiful to see 2 diferent players clash.

Hand 5:

I think Trickett preflop call is only justified if he believes the qualifier would play weak posflop because he is not too deep.

Hand 6:

Neil Channing river play is odd, because he is up against a very agressive player, If he is putting money on the river should be by calling because if not, he is capping her range to better hands.

Hand 7:

It is a difficult spot for the qualifier, but I think he can find a fold on the flop because the board his somewhat dry and Viffer is raising into a big field.

Hand 8:

Tight fold from Devilfish to the 1/2 pot bet, also I didn't like his sizing on the turn.

Hand 9:

Nothing much to add there.

Hand 10:

I believe the qualifier get those somewhat light preflop calls because is from Sweden.

Post flop Devilfish lead the flop with the combo draw I believe to try maximize the profit from the fold equity to a 3bet shove on the flop against an expected agressive player.

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