Monday, May 23, 2011

Delayed Cbet

"One great spot to delayed cbet is against fish that will not fold alot on a board you have poor equity when called and can't barrel.

Say J92 and you have 56o.

If you check behind on the flop and they check the turn, they are giving up very often, so you delay cbet the turn."
AceofSpades, 2+2 member
"One of the best spots is obviously when cbetting flop has no clue whereas betting the turn makes sense.

As an example :
you raise PF with KQo, flop brings AdKs9h, you check behind figuring nothing worse calls and nothing better folds if you cbet, and you bet the turn which brings Th because now a lot of worse hands will call you (pairs + gutters, flushdraws, 2nd pairs with worse kicker, etcetc)

I also like to do it sometimes versus nits or aggressive guys. The nit won't give me three streets of value anyways when I hold KQo on a K72rb flop so I might aswell let him see a turn to let him "catch up a bit" and widen his calling range, and I give the maniac a chance to bluff me because he views my range as weak (QQ-) when I check the flop.

Basically three reasons :

- It will induce a bluff later
- You can't get three streets of value anyways and/or you have a hand that doesn't wanna face heat/a big pot
- Nothing worse calls on the flop and nothing better folds, thus cbetting the flop is useless"
beHypE, 2+2 member

"Delayed cbet against regs also could work well, but normally I only use it In Position and against aggressive regs that check raise a little bit too much."

Flyerr, EducaPoker Coach


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