Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Betting for Protection

Some definitions:

"Betting for protection doesn't exist! You are betting for value, and your value comes from when your opponet folds his equity in the pot" Baluga Whale - DC instructor

"Protection betting simply means that you're betting to protect your equity in a pot. Sometimes that means protecting your opponent from hitting some of his outs, whether or not he's correct to call or fold; sometimes it means protecting yourself from being bluffed by bluffing first, thereby protecting your bluffing equity." wazz - 2+2 member

"Betting for protection only is relevant when your opponet is folding a significant amount of the time". Carroter - GrinderSchool Instructor

I would maybe add: Folding more then 80%(?), if you can´t make him fold, you're better out checking, especially on the flop, not much on the turn, ie, the turn bet for protection is better because is strength doesn't depend as much from the folds we get.







  1. Costumo falar quase sempre disso numa das primeiras de coaching que dou aos meus alunos. Falo também que apostar por informação é uma consequência de uma aposta. Muitas vezes quando apostamos por valor/bluff/collect dead money temos um extra(consequência) de ganhar informação sobre o range do villan.
    Abraço e continua com os bons posts.

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  3. Obrigado Rui.

    Ainda não tenho uma lista de blogues danipx, tenho que fazer.

    Sorte mesas neste mês para vocês, que costuma ser bom.

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